Commercial and Residential Building: Constructing Human-Centered Buildings


Comprehensive Building Solutions

Thanks to our abundant experience in the petrochemical, chemical, industrial facilities, high-tech manufacturing plants, infrastructure and public works, and solar power industries, plus professional technology from our subsidiary: Class 1 civil general contractor Hong Siang Engineering Co., Ltd., as well as professional staff in civil/structural engineering, E&M, HVAC, low-voltage systems, monitoring systems, fire protection, and water treatment, we have ample competence to execute turnkey building projects, and can provide comprehensive building solutions and total solution meeting customer needs.

Civil Construction Service

  • Civil engineering
    • Civil engineering design and planning 
    • Road, bridge, transportation projects 
    • Sewer, pipeline projects 
    • Urban land redevelopment projects 
  • Building projects
    • Architectural design and planning 
    • Landscaping 
    • Hospital, hotel, gymnasium, and public facilities
    • Plant buildings
    • Commercial and office high-rises buildings
    • Residential buildings
    • Community development
    • Special structure
  • E&M system
  • HVAC system
  • Fire protection system 
  • Low voltage, network, monitor, access control system
  • Utilities system 
  • Grounding system 
  • Scenic lighting systems 
  • Control and monitoring for access, security, emergency and parking
  • Central monitoring system/service broadcasting/conference audiovisual/background music systems 
  • Steam boiler, water equipment systems (swimming pool & hot tub)
  • Central kitchen systems 
  • Wastewater, waste gas treatment system