A Solid Start; Steady Expansion

King Polytechnic Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1982 and possess cutting-edge whole-plant high-tech equipment and plentiful design, erection, commissioning and maintenance experience. We employ a full range of first-rate engineering staff and have established a strong technological foundation. We specialize in technological service for various conventional and high-tech industries.

From Aspiration to Realization


Through the decades since its establishment, KPEC has successfully completed many projects, including many collaboration with prominent licensors, engineering and construction companies and outstanding manufacturers from Europe, the United States, and Japan. We meet the highest global design,  standards and specifications, making us a superior integrated international engineering and construction company.

Thanks to our solid technological foundation, we can provide engineering services encompassing project planning, design, procurement, construction, commissioning, , project management, and turnkey services. With our ISO 9001 standards and professional expertise, we can provide comprehensive engineering and construction services meeting cost, safety and quality requirement. 

With the evolving of new technology, our area of professional expertise has expanded from petrochemical/chemical engineering and foods during the earliest days to high-tech electronics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, power/solar systems/renewable energy, energy saving environmentally-friendly green architecture. Due to this new development, our company has established different business groups under the framework of (1) petrochemical/chemical engineering division, a (2) high-tech industry division, a (3) Infrastructure and public works division, and a (4) solar and renewable energy division. We have also entered the civil construction industry, and are expanding our construction projects, which has boosted our vertical systems integration.

In addition to our headquarters in Taiwan, we have also established a subsidiary in Suzhou, China. While taking advantage of China's vast engineering market, we are also preparing for global deployment. In order to maintain our growth and profitability, while realizing our goal of sustainable operations, we continue to focus on the areas of infrastructure and public works petrochemical/chemical , high-tech industry, and the energy market in line with our four major divisions, and also actively step into the energy saving, carbon reduction, environmental-friendly, life support, and green construction industries. We will continue to strengthen our core competence in systems integration, and ultimately transform ourselves into an engineering and construction company capable of making outstanding contributions to industrial technology and human life.

Philosophy of Our Business


We are a highly professional expertise-intensive engineering service firm, and we rely on our professionalism, enthusiasm, innovation, and total solution service to become a modern, diversified, international leading brand.

We are committed to maintaining our professional expertise, which is complemented by our quality, efficiency, and enthusiasm for service. We rely on seamless systems integration service to branch out into new areas, establish strong linkages, and achieve our long-term corporate goal of global sustainable operations.

While we pursue corporate development, we will never forget our responsibility towards human life. We will always make the most of our innovation and enthusiasm while constantly enhancing our technological capabilities. In order to do our duty for the global environment in which we exist, we are striving to promote energy conservation, carbon emission reduction, environmental protection, life support, and green architecture.

Cultivating our Brand Image



KPEC stands for King Polytechnic Engineering Co., Ltd. In our logo, the curving shape of the letter "P" signifies our ambition to sweep over the world like a whirlwind and become a leading global brand. The logo's orange color symbolizes our enthusiasm for service, the blue color expresses our professional image, and the green stripe communicates our dedication to environmental protection and sustainability.

Company Milestones

  • 1982 / 08 Establishment of King Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. with capital of NT$6 million; specializes in turnkey project contracting, planning, design, and construction oversight.
  • 1989 / 12 Increases capital to NT$50 million.
  • 1997 / 12 Changes company name to the King Polytechnic Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • 1998 / 03 Increases capital to NT$100 million.
  • 1998 / 04 Establishes a clean room division, engages in aseptic clean room air conditioning system project contracting, planning, design, construction, and manufacture of auxiliary clean room equipment.
  • 1998 / 08 Increases capital to NT$199.9 million.
  • 1999 / 05 Passes ISO 9001 quality certification.
  • 1999 / 07 Increases paid-in capital to NT$238,463,990; issues stock to public.
  • 2000 / 07 Listed in Taiwan Stock OTC Market as Class 2.
  • 2001 / 06 Mr. George Horng is appointed president and general manager.
  • 2001 / 07 Increases capital to NT$309,077,500.
  • 2002 / 08 Listed in Taiwan Stock Market OTC sale as Class 1 stock approved.
  • 2004 / 12 Awarded turnkey project contracts for Formosa Plastics' Renwu alkali plant and Formosa Petrochemical's light oil desulfurization unit and saturated LPG deodorizing fractionating unit.
  • 2005 / 06 Receives, Electrical and Mechanical Work and Environmental Control Work contracts for the Xinzhuang Line of Taipei City's MRT project.
  • 2006 / 04 Receives turnkey contracts for phase II construction of a fiber precursor area at Formosa Plastics' Mailiao carbon fiber plant and a new fiber plant for UBright Optronics,
  • 2006 / 11 Receives contract for phase III expansion of 100,000-ton ABS unit construction from China ZhenJiang GPPC Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • 2007 / 04 Issues NT$100 million first domestic unsecured convertible bonds, paid-in capital increased to NT$462,808,310.
  • 2007 / 05 Receives turnkey contracts for Formosa Plastics' Mailiao carbon fiber phase III project and Formosa Plastics' Renwu fiber precursor area machinery and construction project.
  • 2007 / 06 Establishes a Solar Power and Renewable Energy Division.
  • 2007 / 08 Wins contract for construction of Taichung City Government New City Government Building Project as JV partner with BES Engineering Corporation. KPEC scope is for HVAC systems.
  • 2007 / 11 Receives Electrical and Mechanical and Works and Environmental Control Works and Common Utility Conduit E&M contracts for Taipei MRT's Songshan Line; also receives Civil and Mechanical Works for Formosa Plastics' Xingang POM.Debottlenecking Project.
  • 2007 / 12 Receives turnkey project contract for CPC Corporation's third Aromatic Hydrocarbons Plant Debottlenecking Project.
  • 2007 / 12 Wins contract for a 195KW solar power system at the National Museum of Taiwan History in Tainan.
  • 2008 / 01 Wins turnkey project contract for E&M and air conditioning systems at Everlight Electronics' new Yuanli plant.
  • 2008 / 02 Wins contract for plant expansion turnkey project at the Taiwan Prosperity Chemical's Linyuan phenol plant.
  • 2008 / 03 Wins turnkey contract for 20,000-ton Ammonia Storage Terminal Project at the Port of Taichung for Taiwan Fertilizer Company.
  • 2008 / 05 Wins turnkey contract for 50000 MTA Nitric Acid Plant at the Port of Taichung for Taiwan Fertilizer Company.
  • 2008 / 05 Receives turnkey project contract for a plant expansion with an annual capacity of 340,000 MTA at Taiwan Prosperity Chemical's phenol acetone plant.
  • 2008 / 07 Receives turnkey contract for Air Separation Plant for China Man-Made Fiber Company.
  • 2009 / 02 Wins a digital imaging remote monitoring system contract for the Taipei County Police Bureau.
  • 2009 / 03 Wins contract for drainage and miscellaneous E&M work at the Greenhill Hudro Power Plant for Taiwan Power Company.
  • 2009 / 12 Consolidate a Class 1 civil construction firm Hong Siang Engineering Co., Ltd., as an affiliate company and enter the civil construction market for green buildings and commercial buildings.
  • 2010 / 10 Receives turnkey contract for Steel Structure Construction Works in Formosa Plastics' Mailiao FST C plant construction and abrasive recycling project.
  • 2010 / 10 Receives Mechanical Erection Work for Formosa Plastics' Mailiao SAP plant.
  • 2011 / 01 Receives (CLR3-3) EPC contract for Zhenjiang Nantex Chemical Engineering's 20000 MTA Rubber Plant.