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Taichung Government
New Municipal Center MEP & HVAC Project

Construction is an key component in the turnkey projects. In order to achieve more complete vertical systems integration, apart from continuing to expand our domestic and foreign markets through our four major divisions: (1) Petrochemical/Chemical Division (2) High-tech Industry Division (3) Infrastructure and Public Works Division (4) Photovoltaic Power and Renewable Energy Division, we plunged into the civil construction industry in 2009 by investing in Class 1 civil general contractor Hong Siang Engineering Co., Ltd. Apart from enhancing our turnkey project competitiveness and cutting costs, Hong Xiang has enabled us to expand into the commercial high-rise buildings, deluxe residential buildings, five-star hotel, luxury recreation villa and public construction markets. As a result, we have achieved a greater level of vertical systems integration, enhancing our overall core competitiveness.

Due to the problem of global warming, environmental protection and energy conservation requirements are becoming increasingly strict, and systems integration projects are evolving toward all-round, full-function, intelligent, green building systems. In addition to making use of our professional expertise in design and construction capabilities, we will further develop green building technologies, and enter the energy-conserving, low carbon, environmentally-friendly, life support and green construction industries. Responding to the global green industry trend, we will continue to shift from plant construction toward environmentally-friendly life support systems. Our future systems integration development trends will include high-quality, low-cost integrated projects encompassing environmental protection, energy conservation, and living comfort.

Business Scope

  • Civil engineering projects
    Roads, bridges, sewer systems, urban land rezoning, site grading, drainage, and foundation projects 
  • Building projects 
    Commercial high-rises buildings, luxury residential buildings, five-star hotels, luxury recreation villa, green buildings, schools, high-tech plants, food and beverage plants, and public buildings
  • Green architectural planning 
  • Land development 
    Urban renewal, joint development, land development. community development, planning, design, and construction
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