Petrochemical and Chemical: Decades of experience; countless achievement

Turnkey projects

We have gained several decades of experience in the refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, gas, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries, and can provide customers with a full range of engineering services, including feasibility studies, project planning, design, procurement, construction, commissioning, project management, and turnkey projects. Furthermore, we can provide the most suitable custom-made services fulfilling customers' different needs.

Basic Design

Thanks to many years of turnkey plant design experience in conjunction with international licensors and engineering companies, we have become very familiar with process design methodology, and have acquired extensive process design experience in the fields of petrochemicals, chemical, biochemistry, foods, environmental protection, power cogeneration, semiconductors, and electronics industries. We also possess various procedures for meeting raw material and environmental needs in the course of plant development, and can propose optimal basic designs.

Because our company has collaborated widely with prominent international engineering companies and licensors firms, we can consequently provide the most advanced processes, and are prepared to strike an optimal balance between energy, environmental protection, and production economics.

We offer the following process design services:

  • Process assessment and selection
  • Manufacturing process development and design
  • Process improvement and optimization
  • Process scale up and commercialization
  • Pilot plant design and construction
  • Mass energy balance and equipment sizing
  • Process flow diagram, P & ID diagram and equipment specifications
  • Process training and commissioning

We provide special expertise in the following processes:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemical projects
  • Specialty chemical products
  • Gas separation plant, special gas plant
  • Storage tanks: large storage tanks and special storage tanks (LNG and liquid ammonia)

Detailed Design

Immediately after the project award, we will assign project design manager and organize a team of professional staff. The project design manager is in charge of all detailed design coordination and control matters, and works closely with the process department and project manager. We strive to pay balanced attention to design quality, safety, ease of use, and maintenance while upholding the required project timetable. Our professional design team includes specialists in the areas of processes, piping, equipment, civil and structures, electrical, and instrument and control.

A.Piping Design

Piping is an indispensable bridge between equipment in utility systems (including water, instrument air, plant air, and steam systems) and process systems (including solids, powders/granules, liquids) throughout the refining, petrochemical, chemical, special chemical, power, special gas, gas separation distribution and storage, and high-tech industries, and also serve to convey materials within and outside plants.

We offer the following piping design services:

  • Plant layout 
  • Drafting of piping-related standards, specifications and code
  • Production of piping plan drawings and designs
  • Creation of 3D piping computer models
  • Production of Isometric drawings
  • Stress analysis
  • Piping material take-off and procurement services
  • Construction, supervision, and commissioning
  • Planning and design of underground piping


B.Equipment Design

Our equipment design section is staffed with highly knowledgeable service team with abundant experience in foods, fertilizer, environmental protection, chemicals, refining, incinerator, power plant, and electronics plant experience. Apart from our own assembly plant, we also cooperate with numerous machinery manufacturers possessing ASME certification, which allows us to provide high-quality products completely meeting project owners' specifications. In addition, the machinery and equipment we supply fully complies with process and operator safety requirements.

We provide the following equipment design services:
  • Software used: internationally-certified PVElite, TANK, and E-TANK
  • Tank/tower equipment: storage tanks, spherical vessels, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, fermentation tanks, chromatography tanks, cyclone separators, reactors, evaporators, absorption towers, fractionating towers, and scrubbing towers. 
  • Rotating equipment: pumps, compressors, blowers, conveyors, filters, granulators/dryers, crushers, sieves, homogenizers, mixing machines, freezers, and equipment sets.


C.Civil Engineering Design

Our civil engineering section chiefly engages in plant structural analysis and design, including foundation piles, RC and steel structures, floors, drainage, and other structures required in plants. In order to meet project owners' needs, we also offer design drawing and budgets and civil construction calculations in order to facilitate application for various permits.

We offer the following civil engineering design services:

 1. Planning

  • Plant area layout and planning .
  • Prepare civil engineering construction standards; code and regulatory consulting.
  • Technical services including plant site surveys, preliminary planning and design, and plant constructability assessments.

 2. Project Design

  • We employ the newest versions of structural software to perform structural modeling, analysis, and design. 
  • We can produce all types of standard civil construction and steel structure drawings and civil construction standards.
  • Submission of permit applications and drawings and calculations for review.
  • Structural change design, modification, and reinforcement.


D.Electrical Design

Our Electrical design section chiefly engages in power system planning and design, and develops turnkey power systems meeting owners' needs and complying with domestic and foreign codes and standards. We offer design of power distribution systems, lighting, grounding, and broadcasting systems, motor control center drawings, purchasing of electrical equipment, budgets preparation and constructability assessment.

We offer the following electrical design services:

  • Design of electrical single line diagram
  • Layout of cable tray, power, lighting, power outlets, grounding, and broadcasting systems.
  • Design of electrical, fire safety, and fire alarm system drawings, rise diagram, 
  • Motor control center, panel wire connection design 
  • Electrical heating insulation design 
  • Submission of calculations to TaiPower for review
  • Production of electrical equipment standards
  • Drafting of construction shop drawings
  • Compilation of materials, equipment, and construction budgets
  • Electrical equipment procurement service

E.Instrument and Control Design

Design engineers in our instrument and control section performe design work in accordance with domestic and foreign regulatory requirement, code and standards for customers' design guidelines, meeting customers' needs.

We offer the following instrument and control design services:

  • Review of P&ID diagram symbols, and control and monitor concepts
  • Instruments standard development, inquiry, and tender evaluation
  • Instrument dimension calculations, including control valves, safety valves, and orifice plates
  • Design and production of instrument detailed design drawings
  • Production of instrument installation drawings, instrument location drawings, instrument air supply drawings, instrument wiring drawings, instrument cable tray layout drawings, control circuit diagrams, interlock logic diagram and wiring diagrams.
  • Inspection and selection of construction materials, production of contracting documents 
  • Compilation of project budgets
  • Instrumental equipment and project procurement and subcontracting service

Computer Control System Design

  • Database compilation 
  • User interface /graphics control planning 
  • Development of distributed control system (DCS)/programmable logical controller (PLC) specifications and standards
  • Assistance with commissioning  
  • Computer control system procurement service

Apart from offering accurate engineering calculations, detailed design and shop drawings, we also can provide piping instrument process drawings, plant layout drawings, materials take-off, equipment specifications, and construction instructions.

3D Design Capabilities

We acquired the state-of-the-art 3D design software PDMS many years ago. PDMS provides a professional 3D plant design platform encompassing piping, equipment, civil construction, electrical, and instrument and control systems. Not only can it integrate different specialized design areas, ensure efficient designs, and avoid conflicts between piping and equipment, but can also automatically produce material take-off for use in calculations and construction. In addition, the visual effect and presence of this software's 3D models provides an ideal tool for communication with project owners.

Procurement Services

Procurement is a very important factor affecting progress, quality, and cost during the course of project implementation. Our procurement department keeps track of foreign and domestic sources of equipment and materials, quality, and prices, and we are also an agent for equipment from many prominent foreign manufacturers. As a consequence, we can provide reasonable assurance of price, delivery date, and quality. Our equipment service include preparation of purchasing specifications, requisition, inquiry, price comparison and vendor selection, signing of purchasing contracts, expediting, delivery deadline control, inspection, packing and shipment, and customs clearance.


Our construction team possesses ample experience in petrochemicals, chemical, foods and beverage, power plants, environmental protection, semiconductors, electronics, and biotechnology, and are responsible for tasks including civil engineering, building construction, piping and wiring, equipment installation, and electrical, computer, and instrument installation. Under the direction of the project manager, we work as a team and strictly control construction quality and project progress and records with engineering standards.

Project Management

Project management is one of our main service items. Under the direction of the project manager, we implement and coordinate design, procurement, equipment fabrication, construction, installation, project quality, progress, and budgets for entire projects. We exhibit outstanding teamwork and close coordination between different departments right up to the end of every project. Under the leadership of our project managers, we never fail to successfully complete all projects entrusted by customers.

Turnkey Project

Thanks to our highly effective organization and complete array of specialized engineers, we have been awarded many turnkey projects over the course of years, including petrochemical and chemical plants, fertilizer plants, edible oil plants, food and beverage plants, environmental protection projects, electronics plants, and power plants. Or turnkey services include process technology acquisition, basic design, detailed design, procurement, construction and commissioning.

Commissioning, Maintenance and Training

To ensure that newly-built plants can function and produce smoothly, we provide training in operating procedures, process and equipment operating principles, emergency response plan, safety considerations, and equipment maintenance to owners' operating personnel prior to commissioning. In addition, our maintenance department is dedicated to providing after-sales service following plant completion. We have always regarded the plants we built on behalf of customers as our own plants, and we deeply believe that the services we provide will enable us to grow alongside our customers, and are repayment for our customers' support and patronage.

International Customers

We have served international customers for many years, and have established close cooperative relationships with numerous international engineering firms. Our engineers possess plentiful experience in international engineering practices, code and  standards, and design methodology, and have a full understanding of international project methods and requirements. Because of this, we have established long-term collaborative relationships with many international customers and engineering companies from Europe, US, and Japan.