High-tech / Optoelectronics Industry


Taipei County Jia Lin Junior High School
New construction Building(MEP & HVAC)
National TsingHua University
National TsingHua University Teaching & Learning Resource Building HVAC
CMC Tech.
LinKo III Plant 1 F DB-8 line Hook up
U Bright Optronics Corp.
Da-Shih Plant : Expansion
Kinmac Solar Corporation
Kinmac Solar Corporation MEP & Fire protection expansion & re-model
Taichung Government
New Municipal Center MEP & HVAC Project
JingFa LED Corp. Inc.
Turn key contract for Tainan LED PLANT Phase I
Sun Well Solar Corporation
HVAC,VOCs & Clean Room System
Everlight Electronics Co. LTD.
Elecrtical , HVAC and pocess cooling , Clean room System
Taipei City Market Administration Office
Fiscal year 2009:Hwa-Shan market remodel (HVAC Partion)

We established a division to serve the need of high-tech, microelectronics, electronics, flat panel, semiconductors, optoelectronics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in 1998 to provide our expertise in planning, design and construction of HVAC systems, cleanroom, biological cleanroom, air abatement system, purified water system, gas system, chemical systems and hook-up services.

Responding to global trends, in recent years we have played an active role in the energy conservation in green industry market, and have successfully completed many projects such as photovoltaic and LED production plants. As a result, our industry project services are keeping pace with economic development, and are even more comprehensive than in the past. Apart from clean room systems, our professional service and project items span the areas of electrical, automatic control, monitoring, fire protection, water supply and drainage, pipeline, and air-conditioning systems, purified water system, gas system, chemical system and hook-up services.  Of course, we also provide a full range of education, training, and after sales maintenance services.

Business Scope

  • Design and build for semiconductors, optoelectronics, and related electronics plants.  
  • Design and build for clean room system in various class of cleanness.
  • Utilities system projects.
    • Power supply
    • Water supply and drainage, pure water systems
    • Waste gas treatment
  • Pipeline projects
  • Fire safety projects
  • General air conditioning systems
  • Instrumental control systems
  • Process equipment hook-up


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