Quality Policy

Since its establishment in 1982, KPEC has been taking tangible actions to comply with government policies. After passing ISO 9001 quality certification in 1999, our health, safety, and quality policies are fully implemented and audited by international organization.

We further pledge to respect employees and contractors, and pay careful attention to their safety, realize the 5S (sorting, straightening, systematic cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining) and 3Z (zero breakdowns, zero defects, zero accidents), and achieve our policy objectives of an undisturbed environment and flawless health and safety.

  • Active communication and provision of appropriate education and training, ensuring that employees and subcontractors are aware of their common responsibility to promote environmental protection, health, and safety.

  • Compliance with government laws and regulations for environmental protection, health, and safety; participation in the global green environmental protection and zero accident.
  • Implementation of hazard identification, risk assessment, and analysis to prevent occurrence of accidents.

  • To ensure sustainability and implementation of pollution prevention, promotion of waste reduction, recycling, and process safety management, and continued improvement.


Quality Certification and Honorable Record