Infrastructure and Public Works

Established in 2004, our Infrastructure and Public Works Division engages in providing services for planning, design and construction for all types of infrastructure and public works projects. This division formally entered the public works upon acquiring the Taipei Metro Subway Xinzhuang Line utilities and environmental control project contract. Apart from mass rapid transit system projects such as the Taipei Metro and the High Speed Rail system, our services also encompass projects for pumping stations, sewer water system, municipal waste incinerators, power generation plants, public and school buildings.  Furthermore, we successfully implemented a digital remote monitoring system project for the Taipei County Police Bureau in 2009, which boosted our low-voltage, network, and monitoring integration ability, greatly assisting our future market competitiveness.

Business Scope

  • High Speed Rail and metro project E&M, environmental control, and fire safety system 
  • City and county government road digital monitoring system 
  • Road/bridge projects, wastewater drainage sewer projects, pumping station projects, incinerators, transformers, environmental protection, wastewater, waste gas, air pollution
  • Design and build of all fossil, hydro and photovoltaic power plants
  • Various types of public works :
    • Civil  and steel structure projects 
    • Utilities system projects 
    • HVAC systems  
    • Fire safety system projects 
    • Low voltage, network, monitoring system projects 
    • Wastewater treatment and air emission control systems
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